Applications For Creating Logos Can Make The Best Use On Android.


More and more people are deciding to bet on the mobility and capabilities offered by smartphones and tablets. Forget the desktop platform to work with your mobiles. We tried it ourselves, and we’ll tell you, what the experience was like, and when it’s true it’s hard to perform some complex activities on such a device. On the other hand, can be performed without mobile or tablet.

Application for Android

This is a matter of some design work. For example, long before creating a logo for a brand or company, such as a “simple” graphic, it would require powerful equipment and the right software. However, now, anyone with a mobile phone in their pocket can easily create their own logo, and these are the best applications, which are available for Android.

Applications For Logo Making: Best Used On Android

There are maximum benefits to creating logos on mobile. More than a person can even imagine in the beginning. It’s a simple, inexpensive process. All the apps in this selection can be downloaded for free, and do not require the latest design knowledge or advanced program management.

Therefore, we have chosen which utility. They are more than just photo editors for Android. They all include various creative design tools, and functions designed to facilitate the work of all those who want to develop their own logo for their brand or business.


At the time we had chosen it as an excellent application for designing stories and personalized and creative Instagram posts, but Conova’s ability goes far beyond that. This free application allows, among many other things, to design a logo via the default graphics and then export the images used anywhere.

There are thousands of predefined templates in this application, and the customization and editing tools are countless. Similarly easy to use. In addition, thanks to the search engine included in the app, it will be possible to find pre-made logos to get inspiration and download them to create your own. Some of these are paid, but the vast majority can be obtained for free.

Logo Maker:

When downloading this application its name already hints at what we get. Logo Maker is a unique application, which is specially made to design logos from your mobile. When designing our own, we will find a wide range of graphic elements, which can be added, edited, and modified to our liking, with different colors, sizes, effects, and much more.

On the other hand, the logo maker will allow us to add text to the logo. To make it easier to identify the brand by taking a look at the logo. Finally, the logo can be exported to various image formats for use on any platform or service.


DesignEvo for android is another popular tool, which is only available when creating logos and brand images using mobile phones. The app has over 3,500 predefined templates and many custom fonts and graphic elements, which can be added to our project.

The application can be downloaded and used for free. However, some of its functions are paid, such as the possibility of exporting the logo at a resolution of up to 5000 px, or the possibility of using the created logo without recognizing the service, requiring a premium subscription.

Maker Plus logo:

We end this selection of apps for creating logos on Android with Logo Maker Plus. This is a simple but very useful tool with features, that anyone who wants to design their own logo. It may be needed. It is possible to use many icons from many different categories and later add their colors, textures, and even filters.

On the other hand, one of its features is to add custom color gradients as well as give the final image a very curious and amazing three-dimensional appearance. Similarly, Logo Maker Plus, or Logo Pit for Android, allows you to create other images from the logo itself, such as Twitter or YouTube headers, stories for Instagram, and much more.

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