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With studies confirming that almost all apps offered to children on Google Play are inadequate. It is important to be very careful when downloading applications or games, which will later be the smallest use at home. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up some sort of system for parental control over our devices.

But these are not the only steps to be taken when lending to a child or buying a mobile phone. One of them is choosing, how he can play the game. That’s why we wanted to collect some great games for kids, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, available on both mobile and tablet.

Animal Jam – Wild Play!

One of the fun games for kids that we can find on Google Play is Animal Jam. In this title, before we start exploring the vast world of Jama in search of other animals, we must choose which animal we want to become. As it develops, it will be possible to create your own style through accessories, clothing, and many other elements.

In addition, it serves educational games thanks to videos about nature, different types of animals, and downloadable e-books. The game is free to download, although it contains in-app purchases that help unlock elements.

Bubadu Game:

Developer Babadu Games offers a huge collection of the best games for kids. Most of them are acting cute animals, and are full of mini-games. Like 2048, Diamond Connect, Horse Jumping, and much more.

Minin Rush: Guru – my favorite villain:

The most famous yellow characters – with Simpson’s permission, also have their own mobile game, and it’s a great title for young children to enjoy at home on a mobile or tablet. Minion Rush is a very simple game to play, in which you have to travel as far as possible to collect bananas and avoid obstacles.


Numerous studies have shown how playing Minecraft can be a great way to enhance young people’s creativity. Mojang’s construction game offers players an unlimited world to discover, learn and experience. Although the whole game has been played. It costs 6.99 euros, it is possible to download the free trial version. Tap Boca Games

Another developer who specializes in developing fun games for children is Toka Boca Games. Many of their games, such as the famous Toka Kitchen, aim to enhance children’s creativity by making dishes with any ingredients that come to mind before presenting them to guests and testing their funny reactions. In total, the company offers 29 extremely exciting recreational games, some of which are available completely free.

Super Truck Man:

A newcomer to the Google Play Store can be a great option for entertaining the little ones at home. He is a super truck man. The mission in this truck simulator with 3D graphics is to collect and avoid gems as far as possible. Obstacles that will come in the way.

Lego Life:

Nor can one miss the official game of construction celebrities. Lego Life allows children to enter a completely safe community. Where it will be possible to digitally generate all kinds of data to complete challenges, view other players’ creations and share them yourself. And best of all, you don’t have to pick up all the pieces at the end of the dream.

Code Spark Academy and Los Foss:

And speaking of educational games, you can’t miss Code Sprinkle, with kids between the ages of four and nine learning the basic concepts of programming through interactive mini-games such as puzzles, game design, and printable.

Sago mini friends:

The Sago Miniseries games are some of the favorite things for kids, and in Sago Mini Friends, all the characters in this franchise meet in a world that promotes concepts such as empathy, creativity, or the reality of sharing through it. Various activities ranging from giving salty gifts.


Another classic game for the little ones at home is Cross Road. For those who don’t know yet. It is worth remembering, that this is such a game. The goal is to overcome as many obstacles as possible, avoiding obstacles as far as possible, the chicken, the Android robot, Frank Stein, and many other characters.

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