Create Android Applications With Rati From Your Terminal.

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Fast, and thanks to the fact that Android is an open operating system, new programs are developed by good programmers, who provide us with countless features, which we use today. It seems that this is changing a bit with the appearance of application generators, which allows users to create Android applications without programming knowledge.

Nowadays there are many options for creating Android applications without programming knowledge, some of which we have already talked about in Android Four. Like Mobilink, Appite, or GoodBurber, all of these web applications are destined to create Android applications with different features.

Today we will talk about another type of application generator for Android, this time it is an application for our own device, which allows us to create applications without using any computer or web service.

What is Rati?

Rati is an Android application that allows us to create and share free Android applications from our devices. All we have to do now is download Haiti from Google Play, select the “Applications” option and start adding or editing these features, with which we will set up our new application. Rati is based on the idea that by adding some basic commands to our terminals, we can get new functions, which will be transformed into a new application. For example, if we use a “button function”, “take a photo” feature, and a “save internal memory” function, we get a camera application.

The most notable difference from Rati with any web application generator is that with Rati you are creating local applications instead of web applications, which means more functionality, speed, and full customization.

How Does It Work?

We will use a series of touch commands to create applications with Rati, which will allow us to combine different features at will. We will have numerous descriptive themes to create applications for companies, restaurants, weddings, holidays, and much more. If we can’t find an article that suits our needs, we can create our own themes.

To add new features to your application, we just have to press anywhere on the screen and select the function to insert from the list that appears, which feature we have added. One long press will appear on it and another menu will appear. Once we finish creating our application, all we have to do is swipe left. Where we can preview it or we can choose to publish it immediately.

How Long Does It Take?

From the moment we start creating our application until we publish it. It takes an average of minutes, but if we use the default template, we can develop our new application in just 5 minutes. I leave you with the official presentation video, which although it is in English, we can see how to make the application with Rati.

What Is The Cost Of Creating An Application?

With Rati, we can create very interesting applications at no cost. Although we have the option to purchase some advanced features or predefined themes. We can also sell our songs, so we can make some money. Nevertheless, creators Joan Porus and Ralph Towers have assured us, that with Rati we can always create applications for free.


To date, Rati is in the beta stage and its download is possible only when we enroll in the Rati community. So that they are able to test its features. Nevertheless, they assure us from their website that they will soon launch a public beta version, which will be available on Google Play.

No doubt, a good option, and another step so that ordinary users can create our own applications and be to their liking. Sure there will be some features in this first beta version of the Ratirement, but no doubt that’s what surprised me the most. That’s the idea behind it, so you can create custom applications from our own devices.

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