How to Program an Android Application


You are very satisfied with your mobile phone Android and believe Google Play Store. It is full of interesting and useful applications. However, can’t you find the right resources for yourself? If the answer is ‘yes, then know that you can fix the situation by trying the Android application program.

Android Application Programming:

You’ve probably never thought of it, but Android application programming can be a great solution for creating an application that can fully meet your needs and, why not, many others. Consumers too. Clearly, programming Android applications require a certain commitment, but with a little study of the subject, it is possible to get good results from previous experience.

If you’re interested and want to know how to program Android apps, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and just read this special guide. You will see, that in the end, you will agree that programming Android applications were a great idea.

Programming Theories:

As I mentioned earlier in previous posts, in order to program Android applications, it is important to learn some programming theories. In fact, Android applications are based on a programming language that can be defined as a kind of dialect advanced Java.

To program Android applications, it is necessary to use the free program. Download Java SE Development Kit for your Java SE Development Kit on your PC, click here and then click on the version that suits you.

Android Studio:

It is also important to download Android Studio, a free application for the operating system Windows, OS X, and Linux that offers everything you need to program Android applications. To download Android Studio, click here and then press the green button Android Studio Display is located at the top of the web page.

Now that you have the two basic tools for programming the Android app, I suggest that you click here to connect to the Html. its website and check out the appropriate guide, highly detailed and in Italian, Which explains step by step, how to create apps for the Android platform.

Android Devices:

Once you have your application ready on Android devices, you will need to distribute it on the Play Store. To do this, just open a developer account and submit your coded app with some descriptive screenshots, icons, and a description to Google.

To activate a developer account, click here and fill out the form that appears on the web page, which will open, providing care to provide all the requested information. Note that you’ll also need to pay a $ 25 credit card linked to your Google profile. Also, if you decide to split. For paid apps, you will need to open a business account in Google Wallet by clicking here and completing the additional form displayed on the web page.

MIT App Inventor:

If despite the hints I have given you and what you have tried, you think, that programming Android applications before throwing the towel are not for you, I suggest you last Try MIT App Inventor. In fact, it’s a free online service that allows you to program Android applications without studying the programming language, but unlike the tools I mentioned earlier, it’s a bit limited.


Once completed, you can have Defender programmed directly on your computer. The application is programmed as a file to later transfer to your mobile phone. To do this, click the item Plans located in the upper right and then click the item. Export Selected Project to my PC. To save the application APK, build the item you need to click. Connect to the menu located at the top of the online service screen and then press Application. You can also transfer the application directly to your application via the Android device by clicking on the QR code item.

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