Learn Android App Development Through Online Courses.


The popularity of Android is not hidden from anyone, but at the moment Android is at its peak. That’s why developers have turned their attention to the development of Android applications. Because the market for Android applications is expanding very fast. Have you ever considered creating an application for Android? If so, believe me, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Online Program:

There are many ways to learn to program online. Most of these resources are free, so ask for some money, but their fees will be less than any institute or university near you.

We have already covered the topic of online studies in computing, but this time we will mention the special courses of these services, which are dedicated to the development of Android applications. In addition, these companies have also provided their Android applications. So that in case of being away from the computer, you can continue reading from your mobile wherever you want.


Google has partnered with Audacity Online Educational Portal to bring Android development education to everyone. You can visit this website to get authentic education regarding Android development.

If you are a beginner to smart application development, first turn to “UX Design for Mobile Developers”: It is very important that you first know the basics in this regard. Therefore, this course provides basic information, especially regarding mobile design. Learning to create good Android applications can be started with this course. And if you are just a beginner in programming, you will need to get an introduction to “Java Programming”.

Open the following course for this: People who already know a lot about Android development can go straight to Google’s excellent “Developing Android Apps” course:

This course is taught by Google’s own three developers. From this, you can gauge the usefulness of this course. This course teaches how to create a seasonal application through videos and programming exercises.

It’s free if you opt for its automated tutoring system. This is also good if you just want to know if the field is really yours or not or to test how consistently you are learning it and how much new knowledge you are gaining.

But if you want to take regular real-style classes, you have to pay a fee which is around 150 US dollars. This fee may seem high to you but it has many benefits. What have you learned in this class? Your performance is reviewed and you are awarded a certificate upon completion of the course, which allows you to proudly tell everyone that you are an Android apps developer.


Coursera is also a leading educational portal, where classes on Android programming are given. Here you can get the certificate of “Mobile Cloud Computing with Android”. And if you want to try a particular course, choose “Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems”:

Through the courses of this eight-week course, you can learn how an Android application is built, how it displays notifications, how it manages data, and how it interacts with other applications. Like Audacity, Coursera also has an Android application, through which reading can be continued on smartphones and tablets.


There are also many Android courses on Admi. However, if you are looking for a free and beginner course, start with “Android for Beginners”:

However, this course is equally useful for anyone from programmers to beginners. However, those who enroll in the course must first know Java with reference to Android, for which the following course can be approached, for which the fee is US 89 89.

Although here you cannot create an application, which will make you rich overnight. However, there are many work applications and games that can be created. You must have a Google Account to use it. By logging in you can work here and save your work in the cloud. Here are some tutorials on Android Application Development.

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