Apps To Make Money With Your Android


Spending time on the cell phone is something we all sin against, but why not turn it into a benefit? If you search the Play Store for Android, you will find many applications that can help you fill your pockets, such as Instagram, through which you can make money, even if you don’t be impressive.

However, in this article we will focus on those specific apps, which offer you money in return for specific tasks. These are the best applications, which you can use on your Android devices to expand your checking account.

Gift Hunter Club:

After more than 7 years of existence, this platform – a mobile app is available, which has managed to gather nearly one million users worldwide. To make money from this application, you will need to look at advertisements, fill out daily surveys or testing applications, among other things.

When registering, you can use your friend’s invitation code. So you both get extra points. Finally, when you already have a significant amount of money accumulated, you can exchange these points for money through gift vouchers for platforms like Puzzle or Amazon.

Google Rewards:

You can’t lose this list of applications to make money. Rewards to the Google App for Balancing in the Play Store consists of responding to a survey conducted by market researchers to collect balances, which you can then apply to Google Play applications, movies, magazines or can use to buy music. Easy and fast, this is how the Google Rewards app works.

On the other hand, it also highlights the existence of the Play Security Rewards program, Google’s service, which offers you money to find bugs on Android and report them to the developer to fix them. If you take out the hacker inside yourself, and help Big G, you can get rewards in return.

Money app:

This is another application that allows you to earn money by completing videos, ads, answering various surveys, testing apps and games, etc., in short, by completing the tasks available. As the Mini app promises on its Play Store page, it offers new updated tasks every day, so you can collect credits.

Once you’ve reached landmarks, you can exchange payments using PayPal. As with the rest of the applications, the profits are not paid, you have to support watching a lot of videos, and fill your mobile with apps that you will have to try to give feedback later.


By participating in the survey, not only can you win with your Android, but you can also do it with sports betting. As long as you are aware of the danger it involves. You can use the playboy to bet on the game of your choice and thus win its virtual currency coin. Later, you can exchange these coins for prizes in their catalog, in which you can get gift cards for Steam, Spotify or iTunes, among other prizes.

Make money:

One of the special functions of this app is to make money, which are available in this category. Again, you have to play different games to give your opinion, how they work. In addition, you can earn money for trying out other apps, watching videos and answering surveys. Like previous apps, you can also exchange your money through PayPal.

Sweet Coin:

The popularity of this app took place in the summer of 2019, when millions of users started using it to earn money while exercising. Depending on how many steps you take daily, the application will give you credit for a series of sweet coins, its virtual currency. Finally, you can repay these credits for money or rewards.

On the pool:

Sign up for Pool Pay and answer as many surveys as you can. Whether it’s short form or long research. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Do a survey after survey, you can get a credit after which you can exchange money via PayPal or Google Play, Amazon or Netflix cards.

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