Perfect Apps for Managing Shared Expenses on Android


In addition to the best finance apps, you can download great applications for managing shared payments on your phone. That way all accounts will fit. From now on, there should be no debt left after the classic Christmas dinner.

We Recommend, Analyze the Best Application to Get Your Financing On Faintank Android

Perfect apps for managing shared costs on Android:


We started with the most popular mobile payment application available for free on the Play Store. No matter which bank you are in, this application will enable you to send and request money from other customers without any commission. Which is ideal for claiming loans, which you are still pending.

To take advantage of the type features, you must first install the app and register on the platform. To send money, you just have to choose. It must be secure on your mobile-, enter the amount and your PIN. At this point, the recipient will have the money in his account. With the “Ask for Money” function, you can easily claim loans from your friends (their registration is also required).


More than 500,000 users have downloaded this Spanish application, which, as its manager claims, “eliminates the frustration of payments between friends and business. To achieve this goal, they Offer you the possibility to send or request money from your security contacts via additional cost and flag.

In addition, the verse also highlights the possibility of creating events to build an online boat, a perfect option for gifts or group trips. You don’t have to pay to use the verse on your Android mobile. Just download it from the free App Store.


We have very little to explain about PayPal. A financial service that has had great success over the years. We all know that in addition to secure payments in online stores, this platform allows you to pay or request a loan still pending between friends. In case of sending money, you can do it in Europe without commission.

If a magazine refuses to pay your debt, you can ask them to pay through a PayPal request. Upon receipt, the money will remain in your PayPal account, where you can use it for future purchases or transfer it to your bank account.


We can’t finish this list without talking about the fashion application Buzz to send money from your Android mobile. In fact, Bazm is not such a free app, but is included in the applications of banks such as BBVA, Bankia, Iberkaja, Santander, Caix Bank or Liber Bank. As we told you years ago, if you have big friends you should use Buzz.

To secure money transfers, Buzz is bound to make them by telephone number. That way, to send money to other users, you only need their number (and obviously they are registered in Buzz).

In less than 10 seconds, the payment will be made and the recipient will already have the money in their bank account, without any waiting or commission. Since it has the support of major Spanish banks. Therefore, it is difficult to find a better option through Buzz, that is, “Pay by pay” and that the accounts fit.

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