The Best Android Apps Game for Tablets


Having an Android device is like having fun with the best free games, which you can download from the Play Store. They can’t just stay for mobile phones. You can also enjoy great games with your Android tablet. And, according to a study by the Association for Media Research (AIMC), playing is one of the few functions commonly assigned to the tablet.

Put the phone aside and take the tablet, now it’s time to personalize it with the best video game wallpapers you can imagine. After that, you can properly immerse yourself in the new and incredible world thanks to the best Android games.

The Beginning of the Kingdom Rush:

In this strategy game, you have to lead an army of elves to defend their lands from earthquakes, evil wizards, and sea snakes. To achieve your goal, you will be able to build powerful towers, improve the abilities of your heroes and use magic spells, which slow down the progress of your enemies.

If you haven’t played the last two Kingdom Rush stories, you can start at an early stage, unless you improve your game. Don’t wait to download this Kingdom Rush Origins on your tablet. A game with which you will enter the magical world, which will trap you with its hundreds of creatures and buildings. To play it, you have to pay 3.19 euros in the Play Store.


We can add a little bit about Minicraft, the construction game, which has become a worldwide trend in recent years, and which is available in the App Store for 6. 6.99. The tablet is the best mobile device in which you can download because the gameplay level is very good and you will not have to worry about the small size of the screen, as is the case with the phone.

Explore your batteries and explore the world of mini-craft to build, collect or destroy blocks and build your own buildings with them, which you can do with your friends in multiplayer. Also, you must avoid dangerous creatures lose on the ground, such as zombies or skeletons. If you like this game, you should try playing Minecraft Earth, which is now available for Android.

This War Is Mine:

This simulation game puts you in the shoes of a group of citizens, who must survive in a city during the war. To achieve this goal, you must overcome the shortage of food and medicine, as well as sniper attacks, who want to end their lives.

Make life or death decisions to save the lives of civilians, whom you must take care of, especially at night when attacks occur. It should be noted that this event, inspired by real events, has quality graphics, which you can enjoy especially on your tablet.

Riptide GP, Renegade:

For those who love racing games, Riptide GP is a great option. Renee Gad, where she can compete illegally in Jet Ski races. If you are one of them, you can become the best pilot who can do incredible stunts on the mighty waterfalls, run away from the police, and avoid the danger of big waves while driving fast.

Zombie Age 3:

We move on to the action category to talk about Zombie Edge 3, a game, which you can imagine. You have to kill zombies everywhere. Choose the best lethal weapons to kill the dangerous creatures approaching you. There are over 30 available.

With high-definition graphics, the third part of Zombie Edge offers you 10 game modes, 20 abilities, in which you can choose different abilities and cooperative mode so that you can face the zombies with the help of your friends. You can download it for free, regardless of in-app purchases.

Alto’s Odyssey:

A few words can describe the careful animation of this game, you enjoy it yourself. The sequel to the famous Alto adventure has not changed this level in history, in which you have to control the sand boarding skater. This is an extreme sport, which involves descending dunes.

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